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Our mission is to build, develop and take care of large online stores, and we enjoy it—that might be the reason why we’re the biggest Czech shop developer.

We focus solely on the technological development of tailor-made large online stores and continuously developing them further, mostly on the basis of agile contracts or monthly fees. Focusing on one thing allows us to be the no. 1 in the game. We serve as a tech partner for our customers but still manage to maintain friendly approach, and focus on personal assistance and support.

“I’m glad that Shopsys gave me the chance to work for them, and I finally came to understand what it’s like when you really enjoy your job. I’ve never met such amazing people before who, dare I say, made me a better person.”
— Hanka Hanzlová, project manager
“What I love the most about my job is the dynamic environment—we keep implementing new technologies and processes, something new and exciting is happening all the time. The fact that we can continuously develop and gain new experience is fulfiling and enriching. Last but not least, the atmosphere in our company is truly friendly.”
— Petra Pipreková, Team Leader Shopsys Framework

Shopsys = caregiver

We take care of our clients but also of our work environment. That is why we organize ShopCamp, BarCamp Ostrava, PHP live or Symfony meet-ups—to push further not only the Czech online community but also us as people. We also release monthly video newsletters covering everything that has happened on the ecommerce market.

Family atmosphere, global ambition

We have acquired a lot of experience throughout the 17 years of existence but we keep on looking around, constantly seeking new challenges. We found a gap on the market ready to be filled with something new, bold and great—our open source Shopsys Framework. We’re putting it out into the world but we keep our feet on the ground.

We can’t put our finger on what it is exactly but we are lucky to be a company with a great family atmosphere. It might be the fact that we started small, crammed in a garage and slowly grew from there. Maybe it’s our team spirit—we share our goals, celebrate our success, learn from our mistakes. Or maybe it’s how open and straight-forward we are. We help out and trust each other, we don’t play pretend.


Trust is one of the basic values of our company. We behave in a way so that our colleagues, customers and partners can trust us; we believe in our fellow team members, we believe in ourselves. We trust in the strategy and the company’s future, and in return the market respects our experience and know-how.


We work together, try to remain open-minded and always be ready to help one another. We support team work, and enjoy sharing our knowledge not only within the company but also with people outside of it.


We understand the inevitability of change. We are flexible and not afraid of changing and evolving. We are constantly learning new things and looking for new solutions which we then implement in a controlled manner to improve Shopsys, as well as the market we operate in.


We have an informal work setting, every team member deserves to be treated with honesty and fairness. We genuinely care about each of our co-workers. We have understanding and act in the best interest of our team members, clients and partners.


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Not just a job

Our job benefits represent us as a company. They were put together by our whole team, we use them and enjoy them together, adjust them on the fly. They help us with keeping our minds and bodies fit, and we enjoy them to each our own. Because just like with our clients, the same applies here, we don’t seek a compromise.

Rewards for results

Do you have your own innovative idea which goes beyond the scope of your average work responsibility? Make it come to life and get paid a bonus.

Free English lessons

Our company is going global and the team should join us for the journey, so we need to be ready!

Morning fresh fruit

We are what we eat. That is why we have three bowls full of fresh fruit and vegetables ready in the office every single day at 10am.

Regular team breakfast

It’s important for us that we dedicate one day in a month to have a morning with the team, stop for a little while, meet around a table, and share what’s new and elaborate on how the company is doing.

Staying fit

From to time you just need to clear your head—be it at work playing table football or after work thanks to our contribution to your Multisport card.

Employee appreciation

We always acknowledge one of our team members as an employee of the month, and reward employees once they have been with us for 5 years. We also give out gifts or extra days off work on occasion of great life milestones.

“I have worked at Shopsys for 8 years and it was the best way to start off my career. The friendly and informal atmosphere and a team of people who are not afraid to share their knowledge with others allowed me to grow.”
— Michal Slíva, former employee

Work first BUT then play!

Apart from all these permanent work benefits, we have a whole lot of activities come up spontaneously—swimming, weekend at a wine cellar, badminton tournament, LAN parties, the conferences we organize are also a form of team building for us. Or it just so happens that we decide on a Friday afternoon to bring in a beer keg and do an impromptu barbeque.

Working at Shopsys

We are happy to be providing so many benefits but it doesn’t come for free. In order to be able to enjoy our success, we have to work hard—all of us. We focus on effectiveness, eliminating corporate and bureaucratic practices, reports and rules. Working at Shopsys might be hard but that’s what drives us.

Just like with our clients, we try building long-lasting relationships with our team members. However, when someone decides to get more experience somewhere else we know that working for us has greatly improved not only their CV but mainly their skills and competencies.

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